Relaxing Forest Ambience

This project had its share of highs and lows. It was very fun, yet difficult at times. I got the idea for the project from my previous one where it centered in the forest. Since I live in the forest I decided that it was a perfect opportunity to show how calming and beautiful a walk through the woods could be. I also had to include the motif of 5 in most of my compositions which was very fun finding objects or an arrangement of 5 objects. While production of the video and photographs seen in the final video was relatively easy, the editing portion of the project proved quite difficult. For example, while editing, I had to get use to the editing software since I was use to editing using Adobe After Effects so I had to spend a short period of time learning of ways to edit my project in a quick and efficient manner. I also had to learn how to balance the time of each shot both with the photos and the video, for that I incorporated dissolves to transition between certain scenes while adding some zooms for most the photographs to make an almost calming view of the image. For short video that I added to the project I slowed it down and cut it to as certain point in order to make it more effective. This project Proved to be both challenging and fun at the same time and I love how it turned out.


Author: haydenmonstermanlarsen

I am not at liberty to divulge in any details as it would endanger agents in the field.

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