Forest of Whispers Recovered Audio


For my Intro to Media Arts audio project, I decided on doing a fake “found recording” inspired on a game I am currently developing. In the audio, an unnamed man records what turns out to be his last words to whoever finds the discarded recording device. The recording ends with the man being attacked by something monstrous as the recording cuts out. Working on this project I gained new insight on how to record and edit sound files in the Audacity sound program I was working in. I wanted the audio for the project to have the feel of an old audio recording like a record. I accomplished this by adding an equalization effect, changing the “curve” which gave me a list of possible curves to use . For example, I applied a “Telephone Curve”  Equalization  effect to the audio I recorded which gave it the feel that I wanted it to have. Recording my audio proved to be a bit more difficult than I originally thought, I recorded all my own dialogue which I had written down beforehand and I had problems trying to project the right tone for the clip as well as pronunciate what I say correctly without garbling my words. It took a while to finally get into it, but when I did things moved more smoothly. This assignment has taught me much in terms of working with audio which I hope to apply to my work as a a film and game developer.


Author: haydenmonstermanlarsen

I am not at liberty to divulge in any details as it would endanger agents in the field.

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