A Very Useful Filmmaking Blog (With Link!)

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As I have stated in my previous blog post filmmaking has long since been a passion of mine, with my dream of becoming a successful filmmaker being the career path I am pursuing. In my effort to find useful information on filmmaking I have recently discovered a fantastic blog containing tutorials of immeasurable importance.

As the upper image suggests, this blog contains many useful tutorials on horror filmmaking (another interest of mine). As far as the blog’s design and format, it is pretty straightforward. The blog is split in to sections that detail specific categories, from the above shown Blood, Bullets, and Stunts to Stage Effects and Green Screen etc.  Each section lists links to tutorials based on these categories, which is very useful for any filmmaker and not just horror filmmakers. One such link for example, takes you to an in depth video on how to create  realistic fog for scenes in your video giving your film great atmosphere. This is just one example of all the helpful tutorials featured in the blog which seems to me to be well produced and finely detailed. It’s well worth checking out: 666 DIY Horror Filmmaking Tutorials

By Hayden Larsen




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