The Life of Me



I was born in Pullman, Washington on March 10, 1994 the eldest of two other siblings. After staying there for a year we moved to Oregon which I lived for most of my life. My dad, a veterinarian, and my mother, who was studying to become a teacher ,were both christians and raised me as such. I was considered different as a child, something that would later be discovered as low spectrum autism and aspergers.

Life as a kid was interesting and one of my favorite past times was looking around the neighborhood for “critters” such as bugs, snakes, and lizards with my  little brother. As my family continued to grow we moved several times over the years, until we made it to our permanent residence in the country. Ever since I was a kid I have always been fascinated with monsters and film, something I still am interested in today. I was highly creative as a child, constantly creating senarios and “movies” in my head.  When I grew older this passion never wavered, nor did my fascination with animals. At first I wanted to be a wildlife biologist when I grew up, however, I later changed my career path to something that would satisfy myself creatively. Since I always had a passion for film and writing,  I decided that I would pursue a career as a filmmaker. As I grew older life never once got easier, but in spite of its dull moments, sorrows, and triumphs I have learned the only was to move forward is to press on as the rewards are all worth it in the end.

By: Hayden Larsen


Author: haydenmonstermanlarsen

I am not at liberty to divulge in any details as it would endanger agents in the field.

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